Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Song

I wish I can write a song
So beautiful that
The birds will come to sing,
And the mothers will hum this hymn

I wish I can compose a music
So beautiful that
The people in the subway
Would stop and listen
And hold

I wish I can sing a melody
So splendid
That the people walking
Along the streets of New York
Will close their eyes and resonate

I wish I can hold a music so powerful
Which will cross continents
And reach you,

I wish a music so compelling,
A music so powerful you'll want
To cross continents
And come back home

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Rumbling, sighing, the
Earth is calling, softly
The birds sang of horrors, slowly
The Earth moved from heart to
Heart, seeking
For an undisturbed home, amongst
The scarred bushes of the Amazon.

The Earth is calling to
The intelligent beings, the soil
Whispers of exhaustion,
Destruction walks among its treaded waters,
Of the whales that cry,
Of the dolphins that whine,

The Earth braces itself, oh
Mother, hang on tight,
The impact of the fire
Crashed against life,

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Lovely red dripping
Down from my lips, enticing,

Lost in his eyes
A never ending abyss

Control, I lost
Senses, stripped
Hatred, building

Temptation, closing in
Temptation, leave
Temptation, in my hands
Temptation, give in

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Call to God

Driven to the lonely decision
Of mere existence,
I function as a marionette
Energized by power-deprived current
I plaster a smile because they smile
I love because they love
I'm an imperfect reflection
Against the world

When darkness falls,
When the flat separation seeps in,
In the depths of my wandering thoughts,
I whisper, I call, I scream
For God alone can hear

I shut my empty eyes and prayed hard
I prayed for a plant of any kind to keep me company in nights like this
I didn't ask for a flower of the prettiest kind,
Or a cactus which can live through drought,
I asked for a plant, a simple insignificant plant

On a day like any other,
I decided to sail far away
To seek more thoughts and my thoughts alone,
Envelop myself in a humorless cocoon

After a bit of waiting, no colorful flying butterfly came to be,
But God chose to answer my prayer
In the most indistinguishable way possible

Wrapped in my cocoon, warped in my own sense of world,
A plant housed me, took me in and held on to me
I stopped for a while, and opened my eyes
From the core of my being, I wanted to hold on

God answered my prayers and gave me more
and less of what I asked for
He held onto me, I held onto him
But what He didn't choose to give was most precious,
He didn't give time
And all for this short while, I held onto him
Too soon, be apart.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Sleepless nights
Again and again
Never there

On my bed I lie
Seeking your hand
A lifeline,
A constant

An inch, a foot
I touch

And I miss you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I stay awake at night
I hear your voice
I see your face
And my mind can't keep you out
My heart insists on
Not letting you go

When I manage
To shut my eyes,
I wake up with tears
I keep crying

Loving you was always painful
It still is
You brought joy
You brought tears
And now you bring pain
Like a dove carrying death
On its wings

I shut my eyes for
The nth time
And wish I won't

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The walls around me
Won’t crumble,
Or decay

The walls around me
Are indestructible and

The walls around me
Won’t go down to ruins

The walls around me
Live like iron-fisted seeds
Along the crash of waves
Against the coast

The walls around me
Grips my heart,
Sears my soul,
Strips me of life

The whispers from the inside
Capturing my sins,
my pride, my love,
my sense of feeling
and being

I walk down on a path
that presented “life”
And I see that

The walls around me
Won’t be left behind.